He Likes Her And It's Hurting Me?

okay well ; my ex boyfriend likes my best friend and I thought I was okay with them dating at first but now it is really upsetting for me ; I miss him a lot but I don't wanna tell josie ; they're not even a couple yet and I'm still jealous WTF ?


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  • You first need to move on and stop thinking of him so much. And yes I think girlfriends are not suppose to date girlfriends exes for some reason, it just causes trouble between the two girls. You were really nice to let your friend date your ex. I think to move on, just go make NEW friends and don't hang out with them too much. Try to think that your life doesn't revolve around them, and that you can be happy and have fun without them. Then you won't want him so much, and you will start to realize that you can want someone else.

    I mean some girls think differently but I learned from experience that girls are not suppose to date their friend's exes. I tried to date this one guy who was my best friend's ex and it turned out terrible. He was still into her and was just using me to get her jealous. Then he went to sleep with her the next day and I told her what he did to me behind her back, and he didn't tell her. It hurt her so much she cried and refused to talk to him for a long time. But then she got back with him and then a few months later they broke up for good. I didn't need a guy who was just "using" me so I never befriended him ever again, and that's my story of girlfriend trying to date girlfriend's ex.


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  • It hurts because even though they are not together, you know that he has feelings for someone else.

  • you need to come clean and tell them your feelings. it's understandable that you feel this way

    • Mmm ; but I think its gunna look stupid LOL cause I said they could be together :/

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