Would you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend if you almost never saw them?

I get this feeling like my girlfriend doesn't really give a sh*t if she sees me and spends time with me. She works a lot right now and I kinda do too, but I want to see her and spend time with her, get closer to each other, build a solid relationship. So we set aside 2 days a week, nights actually to go out, spend time together, be a couple. For some reason I feel like whenever those 2 days come by, to me its something I look forward to, but I feel like to her, its a chore, like she only does it because I want to. I asked her about it last week and just told her how I felt and she said I was wrong, that she likes spending the time with me also. Then the next couple days she decides to work on both nights that are our nights to go out and spend time together... so obviously I'm kinda wondering now wtf. she even tells me after she does this that she does want to be with me and all this crap but its getting to the point where its too much now. why the hell should anybody be in a relationship where you don't even get to see the other person. she tells me just because she doesn't have time for me doesn't mean she doesn't love me or stuff like that, but come on, is it too much to ask to see your own girlfriend twice a week? so now I'm wondering if I should just break up with her, why have a girlfriend I don't see?


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  • Personally,i feel like NO ONE is that busy.I understand she works, BUT if you want to carry on a relationship you should attempt to find time. I went through this with a guy...him being supposedly SOOO busy and me always asking him to make time...but it was always the same excuse.He's BUSY. In the end,the lack of time someone spends with you is directly related to whether or not you are on their radar and agenda. Everyone has an agenda and if you are not on it,then the effort is not going to be present...therefore your relationship will feel like a chore. You shouldn't have to beg someone to find time for you. You've spoken to her about it,and if she doesn't comply,or compromise time,my advice is to find someone else. You may also find that if you continue down this road,you may end up losing interest anyway because of the drama of it all AND not seeing her enough. You deserve more...know and believe that for yourself.:) I hope it works out for you...whatever you decide.


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  • It really depends on how much you love/like the person.

    One boyfriend I didn't care for at all, but was with for 5 months and we saw each other maybe 1-2 times a month.

    My current boyfriend, though, is in the Navy, so I hardly ever see him, and I definitely won't be breaking up with him unless it's something serious.

  • i just broke up with my boyfriend for the exact same reason

    we went to school, but he never made the effort to see me

    but I made the effort to see him

    then it got old

    i broke up with him the other day

    and to be honest, I feel better :)

  • I pesonally would. What is point in dating someone if you don't ever see or talk to them?


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