Is this my fault? What should I do to erase this mess I've done?

I need help. I fell in love with a boy, we were into each other, the second time we were together we almost kissed and our hands were touching. He was going with the flow, see what happens and I fell in love. The next day, he told me his ex sent him a message and he realized he still likes her. He told me we should not talk with each other because he doesn't want to hurt me and he needs to heal himself. He said I was an amazing girl. and I was worried about him too because he seemed sad and I wanted him to talk to me. Then, my best friend (who knows him) sent that guy a message, telling him to go out with me, trying to understand his side.. my friend was worried about me and he did that, and then he told me about their conversation. I was with my best friend when he talked to the guy I like but he just allowed me to see the chat when he stopped the conversation.. The following day, I messaged that guy, asking him if he wanted a ticket for my dance show (because when we were together a few days before, he told me he wanted to see).. he told me that he was not in the mood to have a new friendship or be with anyone whose not his long date friends. So, he told me that he knew it was me talking to him instead of my best friend the day before, wich is a lie.. I told him that my best friend told me about their conversation but it wasn't me.. I don't know if he believed it.
Today, I saw that guy and a friend of him (that I know) and I went to their table, I said "hi" and we started talking.. I didn't even ask if I could. So, the boy i like wasn't paying me much attention, it was strange even though we laughed and that.. and now I feel bad because he told me a few days ago that he wanted space.. I DID NOT GIVE HIM THAT SPACE. Should I message him telling I'm sorry for disturbing? Maybe this is all my fault because I didn't gave him space. If I did maybe he would still be interested. Is there anything I can do to erase the mess I've done and have this guy?
Is this my fault? What should I do to erase this mess I've done?
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