Why did he agree to see me?

My ex and I broke up 2 months ago. We have kept in contact. Mostly I have talked to him about things I wish I had done differently, and try to get him to see the mistakes we made as well so that we can discuss them, and either get real closure, and not feel horrible if we talk to one another, or talk about maybe dating again. I am reaching the point where I do not have to talk to him as much, and then I send him an email with some of his files that I had on my computer as I am clearing it of him, and get an email back from him asking how I have been and saying he has missed me even if he does not try to contact me. Today, as I continue to erase old messages, I encounter one where I decide to call him. He says it is nice hearing my voice and that he does not feel it was a mistake that I did. We were having a nice talk and I began to feel comfortable enough where I suggest that we see each other in a few months. I am very persuasive and although he says he does not want to, he says he will see me on March 21, the day we had first met a few years ago. I want to meet up so that we can spend one good afternoon together, not really expecting anything from one another, other than being friendly. First he told me to give him two weeks to think about it, then he said that date. He also said he does not want me to get the wrong idea. If he is so against seeing me, saying he wants us to move on, why did he agree to see me? Why does he tell me he misses me? Why does he ask me what would be different if we did get back together again?



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  • He agreed to see you because he wants the best of both worlds- having you around but still being able to be single and look for the next girl. He tells you he misses you and sets the date to the day you met because he's playing a game and using your heart to get you back. Guys are simple if they want something they'll go after it. So that being said if he wanted you back he would already be asking you to get back together RIGHT NOW. So save yourself the heart ache and go find yourself someone that sees how much of an amazing person you are from the get-go :D


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