What kinds of girls cheat?

So I'm with this cheerleader right and we've been together for about 2 weeks. She's living in an apartment with one of my close friends and as it turns up, he tells me she's had sex multiple times with basketball players. I haven't brought this to her attention just yet because that would make me seem untrustworthy but was getting with a cheerleader the wrong idea? I kind of had an uneasy feeling about a stable relationship with this one. If so, any other girls I should be aware of? lol


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  • I think you can sort of tell if a person would be untrustworthy by asking them to explain their past relationships with you. I'm not sure this works all the time, but it worked with me. For example one guy said that he had multiple f*** buddies and that when he was with his last 2 exes, they never wanted him to go out to parties and such because they knew he would cheat on them. Also he sleeps with whomever he wants. He told me that there were two girls that he two timed and they were roommates! He also slept with his best friend's ex wife just because, even though all his friends told him not to! He also said that he slept with a girl he didn't like but his cousin really liked just to prove to his cousin that he was better than him, and then he dropped the girl cold turkey! He also told me that his dad likes to go to whore houses and he doesn't find it wrong! These were warning signs to me that he was untrustworthy and was not deserving of my love. After a few months of dating I dropped this guy. I mean, if the girl tells you stuff that seems like immoral to you and seems untrustworthy you should hear warning signs and be like... whoa! not good for me. And then realize you are with someone who could cheat on you and not feel bad at all. Well, thanks for reading. I hope this helped you a bit but if not it was just friendly advice.

    • Very helpful. I should ask about past relationships just to get some kind of incentive because I don't wan't to be in her face like: hey, my friend says you're cheating. Feels better when you gave that example though!

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  • You definitely can't put it on the fact she's a cheerleader. I've learned that stereotype is extremely wrong. Some pretty innocent girls on are cheerleaders.

  • You're worried about her cheating because in the past she has had sex with basketball players?

    She didn't cheat with these guys right?...

    In my mind, of course she has had sex with basketball players, she's a cheerleader and that is her social group.

    I don't think you could ever make describe cheating as a trait of someone with certain hobbies or particular social groups. [Unless that hobby is cheating and that social group is a swingers club haha]

    People with certain personality traits I think are more likely to cheat, but being a cheerleader/waitress/surfer/gamer etc. etc. wouldn't incline anyone towards cheating.


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