Should I meet up with the ex or not?

I split up with the ex a little over a month ago. We split as she moved to another city and although we tried a LDR we had only been going out a few months and it just didn't work out. We just drifted apart so ended on good terms.

We have had NC for the last 2 weeks and only LC for the 2 weeks before that because I needed time to move on. I do still have feelings for her but am slowly accepting that we will not get back together. She has also started seeing someone else.

I will be in town soon for a friends birthday and am unsure whether to arrange meeting up with her. I am not looking to rekindle our relationship but am also unsure whether it is too soon to meet without stirring up feelings that could make me feel worse.

We were good friends before we dated so I don't doubt that we'll be friends again but is a month long enough for us to meet on a platonic level.

Their are still some unresolved things to be said and I think at some point we'll need to have the 'talk' if we are going to be friends but I'm not sure if it is still to early to discuss them. If we do meet I am unsure if whether I should even bring them up at all yet? I am not in town for long and don't know when I'll be their next so am wondering whether I should take the opportunity to do so.

If I do meet up should I make contact before I go or just call on the day? Or should I just not see her for a while longer?

All opinions welcome?


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  • I would say its too soon. You say you still have unresolved issues you need to discuss but in my experience these things are things you need to get over on your own because talking to her about them will not help and may even make things worse. Once you have gotten over these issues, then I would say you are ready to see her again.


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  • I think you should go and meet up with her :) seize the opportunity, call her before you go because if you are this confused about her then you definitely need this "meeting" to answer all your questions, and if you call her on the day of the party and if she can't come then you'll be disappointed :) good luck!

  • If you decide to meet up with her settle the unfinished thing betweent the two of you it would be for the best in my opinion. Hope this helps!


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