How should I do?

I had been in relationship for 7 months with my ex-boyfriend. He was so much kind, gentle, cool, and I really respected him.
But one day a few months ago, I began to feel something doesn’t feel right being with him.
Various thoughts like “Do I really love him?” “Should we continue relationships?”were tend to spinning around my head all time.
Finally , I decided to break up.
I called to tell him how I felt.
He accepted my opinion and we broke up with no fights or argument but he cried.
Then I thought sorry for hurting him because of my selfish feel changing.

What the worse, we are high school students that belong to the same class.
So we meet every weekdays.
It is very awkward...
I don’t hate him but I don’t wanna see him for a while because seeing him makes me feel confused, sorry, and nervous.

I wanna go next step.

How should I do?
How can I forget him?

How should I do?
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