How would you feel in this situation?

Imagine you meet someone, that someone makes you believe she/he loves you, that someone starts fighting a lot with you for every single little thing you do but when he/she does the same you shouldn't get mad...
Few months in, that someone calls you to a park to meet her/him and introduces you to her/his actual partner, and tells you that she/he never loved you and comments on how stupid you are and both that someone and the partner laugh at you and comment on how dumb, stupid you are and how you don't deserve anything in life except being a loser.
And you just walk out of the park.
How would you feel after if you were that person?
How would you feel if you saw that happening to a friend?

And... yes it happened to me few years back, don't really mind it, just I had nothing to ask and was curious as to what other people would think about the girl lol
How would you feel in this situation?
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