If a guy starts dating a friend less than a week after he breaks up with you, did he cheat?

so we were together for 2 years. then one week he stops talking to me and then the next he's posting pics of him making out with one of his friends...is she a rebound? cause someone told me their still together

did he cheat on me or is she a rebound?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Someone here put it really well, saying that when a guy ends a relationship, it's because the feelings have been taken off life support and declared dead. He's not going to end the relationship if he's still conflicted about how he feels for you.

    So he dumped you because he didn't have feelings for you anymore, and once free he went and fooled around with some other girl. It doesn't necessarily mean he cheated, but that doesn't matter anyway. I mean... if he cheated, then what? Are you going to break up with him or lose trust in him? He's gone, yo.


What Girls Said 1

  • maybe he felt for her before you guys broke up. but that doesn't mean he cheated physically. just emotionally


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