Cheating ex is talking badly about me online?

I heard from a friend he made a post that said “when she unblocked your number just to talk crap, then she blocked you again 🤔”. However, I did that one time. That was back in feb/march. I was really upset that he cheated. So, I sent him messages about how angry I was. Then I blocked him because i didn’t care what he had to say. Also, I haven’t messaged him on my own since May. I have kept him blocked, then I unblocked him in early June because he was trying to interact with my friends. I wanted to tell him to leave them alone, because they didn’t respond to him and didn’t want to be involved. But, I had myself back and let it go and HE messaged ME, instead. I told him to leave me alone and not pretend he cares. Now, 4/5 months since I did that, he posts that, and a month since We’ve had contact.

What is wrong with him? He’s also posted about me before trying to get my attention and get me to message him. But, this was just mean. I have been moving on and not talking to him.
Cheating ex is talking badly about me online?
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