Ladies, would you consider this cheating?

I was in a relationship over a year ago and it lasted about 8 months. Best 8 months of my life. But it was all ruined by a few picture comments on myspace. Yes MySpace everyone lol And the comments were something like "you look nice here" "pretty eyes" "nice outfit" "sexy" and bla bla bla. I was only complimenting. Plus the girl has boyfriend and a child so why in the world would I wanna go mess things up with that couple including myself and my gf? Somehow the girl I commented added my girlfriend and my girlfriend saw her pics and flipped out on me. Almost breaking up with me at that moment, but gave me another chance. Sadly, what I did affected the relationship for the next month or so. Nothing but silly arguments. Her thinking that I don't mean what I say to her anymore and I completely understand why. Therefore she dumped me because of the whole pic comment thing. And it has haunted me ever since, and still can't get over it and its been over a year. gets me pissed off. you think what I did was a form of cheating? BTW her parents believed it was cheating including my girlfriend. Also I have never seen the girl that I commented on. She lived like 20miles away from me but we never got together and did anything of any kind. ha ha ALSO, some of the comments were made before I ever met my girlfriend. So idk, it was a mess. What does you think?


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  • no I dnt think it is I thnk flirting is kinda but you wernt flirting you were complamenting so thts different f your girlfriend/ ex dusant understand that you can complement people then maybe you shouldn't be with her its really up 2 u

  • We all know that men and women think differently. For you, you might think it as a compliment and completely harmless but for a girl, she would think like "why did he write those comments to her?' - red flag for her! I think when you were still in a relationship with her and you wrote those comments for another girl, it appeared as though you liked the girl to the extent you want to compliment her openly. It appeared to be like 'cheating' in the mind of your girlfriend. The question is why did you write those comments? Even if it didn't mean anything but it gave a negative impact to your girlfriend. It made you look like you are insensitive to her feelings.

    • I met the girl online a year before I met my girlfriend. I tired to get somethin going with her but then realized that it wouldn't work because she already had a kid and that I want nothing to be involved with. So I dropped it, but I still gave her compliments. I do admit that she was attractive. But then I met my girlfriend and over time I would still compliment the other girl from time to time. Was I or am I a bad person? /:

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    • oh gosh! If I were to receive something like that, I would find it a bit creepy and annoying too. I mean why don't he just come by and talk to me in person? Why don't you call her or text her instead? Just be casual and see how she response to you. If she is talking to you..good. If not, maybe you could just send her an email and say whatever you want to say to her but be tactful in your words k? good luck.

    • mmm I don't know if she will be too receptive over the phone or txting but ill send her a email or message on facebook to get all my feelings out at once. Thank you for all your help

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