Going through a real rough patch, advice?

So me 22 and my girlfriend 24 have been on and off for 4 years, very turbulent relationship but still we say we will end up married and talk about having children. Was only lastnight she says love you and everything was sort of ok.

Although the last 2 weeks have not been the same, not very close both emotionally and physically and generally just crap. Constant rows and fights over silly things and feels like we will just come to an end again.

We are both to blame for it and we know it's happening but she won't talk about why it's happening.

We do love each other so much but is this just a rough patch we are going through and things will sort out?! We've been through worse. Was only 2 weeks ago we went away for the weekend and had the most amazing time.

She said she wants space to think so that's what il do but is it common for relationships to hit this patch?!

It may just be us not being able to adjust to normal life with each other now the honeymoon period is over?! What do ya think guys and girls?


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What Girls Said 1

  • try reading some self help books together and see if that helps you both. one that me and my guy read together is called don't sweat the small stuff in love.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yh it is very common to hav rough periods during a relationship. I am going through somin similar ryt nw. Somtimes you jus wonder to yourself whether its worth it all. But the best relationships are those that get through these patches and stick together. I think once you get passed that your relationship reaches a different stage and becomes betta then before. If you really like her and want a future with her then you shud stick with her. if you support her and let her knw your not giving up she will admire you for that. It will take patience and if you focus on the future that you hav planned it will help you through the toughest of times. best of wishes for the future.


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