Is my relationship over?

I’ve noticed my girlfriend has been spending more time talking to a guy than she does me. We no longer hangout or talk much. She is flirty in her text messages and wants to hangout with him. She also seems to be emotionally invested in him as they talk about intimate and personal things that “friends” don’t normally talk about especially when it’s a female and guy friend... she seems to have picked up some of interests as her own. I get the feeling she has fallen in love with him and there is no turning back... I don’t mean to sound stereotypical but I know women are emotional creatures and she seems more emotionally attached to him than me. She has also begun to tell him daily things that go on in her life rather than tell me... it’s obvious she prioritizes him more than me. Is this the end?

They’re also friends on all of their social media
Is my relationship over?
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