How to get over an abusive relationship?

i've been in abusive relationship for a year, in which my ex-partner abused me emotionally, and used me physically. coming to the conclusion they never liked me, and went through the whole thing for their own sake at the time.
it took me a while to realize that, and a while to take some action regarding it, and to move on generally and start dating again. but it had a huge influence on my confidence and self-image, both had distorted greatly that i don't feel no self-worth or whatsoever.

i don't have any kind of feelings toward my ex-partner, but am just mad. am awfully mad and mostly at myself for letting myself in that position. for letting myself get used and hurt like that and not being strong enough to stand up for myself and leave earlier.
i don't know how to let go of this feeling and all the related, it's unending cycle of anger and self depreciating.

have you experienced such a thing? did you manage to take it off your mind? can you please share your similar experiences with us.
How to get over an abusive relationship?
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