My ex boyfriend blocked me a week after the breakup. Why though?

Hey. Need opinions here, not advice. I know a lot of people will say "why do you care, it's over" but that's not helpful... i know that. So an insight into his actions would be helpful for me to heal..

We argued a bit, it was both of us. He broke up with me saying he doesn't see a future, it can't be fixed and he's not capable of a relationship with me... so I told him how i felt and walked away. I have not contacted him, unfrieneded him on Facebook a week ago for my own sanity and gave him all his stuff back amicably. I was really proud of myself how maturely I handled it actually. I did not scream or shout or act out in any way or do anything to affirm his decision to break up with me whatsoever. His mum told me a week ago that he's upset and won't talk to anyone, I thought there was hope for us in the future to rekindle us.

He is not the type to jump into a rebound, his mum told me he's really hurting right now. So I've left him to it and told him I will not stop him from walking away from us.. so I haven't.

2 days later... he's blocked me on Facebook. I don't understand what for? I haven't buzzed up his phone, I've given him his privacy and space.
What was the purpose of this?
My ex boyfriend blocked me a week after the breakup. Why though?
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