Should I just let him go?

He’s amazing, beyond perfect. We’ve been seeing each other for four months but sometimes when we’re joking around, I unintentionally go too far. Like the time I gave his number to a girl at the bar. And last night when he joked that college girls are always “ready” and I joked back that I’ve been ready for weeks but it’s not my fault he chooses not to shove his rock in me. We've been sleeping with each other for 4 months too. No one else for either of us.

He said there are more important things than shoving dicks in asses and when I asked what he said “life”.

His grandma is sick in the hospital and it’s like he’s losing his mom all over again. I thought we were just playing around but that hit him hard and he got pissed off at me.

He is so good to me and I feel like I don’t deserve good. All I’ve known all my life is shit and abuse and so I sometimes take things too far, like last night. I feel awful about it and I’ve apologized but nothing back from him yet.

He’s out of my league. Rich guy with a great life. I’m just some poor girl, single mom struggling with kids. I’m used to being on my own. It’ll hurt to let him go but he deserves better than me. Should I just let him go and move on?
Should I just let him go?
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