Should I move on with my life, or is there something here?

I have known this guy since I was little he was good friends with my older brother. They found different friends and had different interests so they stopped hanging out. We ended up moving and soon found out he was close by. I was still young and had completely forgot about him because my brother never spoke to him. Till he had added me on fb and started talking, we ended up going out to a movie chilled nothing big happened. The next day came over again stayed till 1 in the morning we ended up making out. came over for 4 days straight, then texted me when I was in school what not. We hung out a lot he meat my friends, and we did sleep together a few times. He told me about his pass relationship his ex girlfriend cheated I told him about my ex boyfriend. If we went out in public he would hold my hand an kiss me. Then I didn't really hear from him for a week then he texted asking to go out for lunch so I said yes and we did stayed out till 9 I gave him a fast kiss then left. He texted the next day, we started hanging out again. I have been seeing not dating him for 3 almost 4 months now and all of a sudden he hasn't texted me in two weeks, so I texted him he replayed right away and the conversation went on for 10mins then died. I haven't gotten any texts seeing if I wanted to do something or hang out. I don't know if I'm just a boot call I don't think I am. Or if he has really big commitment problems because of his last gf... Help me please I have been over thinking this way to much!


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  • I think you're doing great, might be he doesn't want to be the only one asking for dates all the time. Take some initiative ;)

    If you dare you could always ask him if you're a couple, instead of worrying about it.

  • I've had this problem a thousand times with my friends. If he can't make the effort to call you for almost four months, he obviously doesn't like you enough as he should.

    As hurtful as this may be, it sounds as though you may have been a transitional girlfriend. Not that he probably didn't care about you at the time, but if he can't get over his ex or appreciate you for who you are and treat you how you deserve then he doesn't have the right to date you.

    Don't fall into the 'will he won't he' trap that so many girls do. If he isn't paying enough attention to you, you move on. If a guy is truly interested then he'll make every effort to be with that girl (like he did at the beginning).

    Re-assign him as a friend, and nothing else and hope that you two can still hang out some day without awkwardness, but don't allow yourself to get sucked into become a 'booty call', just because you think there may be a chance.

    Move on, your better than that.

    • It was only two ish weeks that he hasnet spoken to me. *(I have been seeing him for 4 months)* Like he texted once looking for some movie site and then that was it, then I texted him just two days ago and he got back to me right away and it was a normal conversation that we always have nothing weird or anything.

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    • Oh and then I walked to the door and he hugged me then kissed me and then said see ya laterrrr.

      So what's up I'm I being played?

    • I think things are fine. You're probably worrying too much, I don't think you are being 'played', but if you're sensing something is up then maybe you should try and trust your instincts. It may be that your sensing that he's still pretty into his ex and your not sure whether you should take the relationship seriously or not. If I were you I would just take things slow and bear in mind that he's probably still hung up on her and try and eventually ask him where you stand when the time is right.

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