Do I still be friends with him or do I forget it?

We work together and hooked up. He says he wanted it to go somewhere, I wanted it to go somewhere but for reasons that he can’t talk about, he couldn’t commit to a proper relationship.

It’s like he has some kind of issue with making emotional connections and being intimate. He enjoys way too much alone time & isn’t very social.

I tried waiting for him to decide if he could change & we remained very good friends during that time but he just made me feel he wasn’t making the effort to change so I said we would just be friends & I wasn’t going to wait anymore but I told him I loved him & me walking away was not a decision I made lightly. But he said he has never been in love, he doesn’t know how it even feels. He said he doesn’t want to loose me from his life, he loves talking to me (texting mostly) and being friends does make things at work easier (yeah I know don’t date someone you work with, it’s all I’ve heard from my friends so you don’t need to tell me!! But if you saw him, you’d want him too 😉)

But the thing is I’m really struggling with my feelings for him and when I see him I’m just reminded of the guy I thought was my perfect match!! I’ve been awful to him because I’m just hurting so much but we have been honest with each other (although he can’t talk about feelings, he avoids them like the plague!) and I said I’m struggling to get over him. He’s said to do what I need to do and he won't go anywhere & if I need space to take space & he has been so good about it.

I’m just so hurt right now. I can see he cares but he doesn’t love me and he never will be able too. And I just don’t know what to do for the best.

And before anyone says:
He’s single, lives alone. No wife. No girlfriend. He doesn’t go out, has no real friends except for our boss. Prefers to stay at home. Not your average guy at all!

Do I still be friends with him or do I forget it?
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