Am I crazy for getting back with him?

OK so I meet this amazing guy and we love to do the same things and we get along grate and he relay seems to like me He told me before that he was ready to settle down and I meet his mom and dad and now we are planning for him to meet my mom and dad and one night I asked him to remind me to get sum thing of min before I go home now he's saying I can leave my stuff at his house then we had a big problem he got this post on facebook, "I'm so happy we finally made "us" official! I can't wait to see you! You made me grin from ear to ear last night after our final conversation! I love you!"

Win I asked him about it he said she was crazy and it meant nothing. I trusted him then a 2nd girl sad sum thing similar and I’m the girl that kind of over reacts and we did not talk for about a week. Then I told him what I needed I needed him to be honest open funny loving considerate and to let me know he wants me and keeping me involved in his life (I don’t need a play by play just let me know how his day is going) I tend to find guys that live kind of fare away and I can't always go to their house so I like to take turns driving. Then I got to talk to one of his friend and she said he was telling me the truth. And now we are back together and doing good so fare. Do you think I’m crazy for getting back with him?


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  • no your not crazy... it seems like you had a really good thing going until that girl posted on his wall.. I would let him know that you are still second guessing your relationship because of these girls posting on his wall.. I would talk to the two girls and ask them about their side.. even though I'm sure you trust your man over these girls its probably worth it to see what they have to say because I don't think random girls would just write things like that on a guys wall unless they were somewhat friends. if the girls story matches up where some your suspicions are then I would take a step back and ask yourself if its really worth it. or give your man a second chance and see if things get better from there. good luck!

    • thank you and he deleted his facebook so I can't ask them I talked to a girl that is his friend and she talked to them and she seemed like a good friend to him and sh seemed to think I was OK cus she was nice to me I don't think she lied so I think I can trust him

    • yeah I think it sounds like he isn't lieing but I thought you were second guessing it but if you trust him then all is good!

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  • Honestly, facebook is a jealousy pit in any relationship. If you stay on it too long, anyone can get jealous of other people talking to their significant other. You are not crazy for getting back with him because it was just a small argument. The fact that you can get through these small arguments says good things about the two of you. Good luck.

    • thank you so much:) I'm glad you said that

  • no

    • do you think it will work?

    • If he truly love you and you him it will work, just be honest and humble about it, that is the most you can do for now, otherwise don't worry, worrying won't help you get through this.

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  • Long distance doesn't always work - you need to trust your gut instinct, as to whether he is worth the agony of all the "what-if's" that are the other girls.. to me it just sounds dangerous, and to be a sure-fire way to get hurt. imo.

    to answer the last question - love is illogical, and crazy... but I don't think you as a person are crazy.

  • I def don't think you ae crazy for getting back with him. Just be careful and aware but I think it sunds like he's tellin the truth.

    • me2 he was going to come out to my house he's about 45mins away and he was out hunting now he says he's sick and I think its the truth because he is taking me with him to the doc :)

    • awesome! I hope things work out for ya and let me know if you need any more help!

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