What does my ex want? Please, someone answer these questions.

I am still really in love with my ex- girlfriend, and I need some input. She broke up with me a few months ago, because she still has feelings for her ex that she dated years ago. I felt this coming for a little while b4 the break up...but I couldn't do anything about it. Anyway, when she broke up she said, I know that we could be madly in love with each other, but right now her heart was still on this guy. She also said, I want to tell you I love you, but don't want to hurt you, and you never know in the future what may happen as far as getting back together. And hope we could still be friends (which I agreed to be friends) Now I guess he moved in with her recently. I didn't know they were living together, but I spilled my heart out to her telling her how much I love her and why and to try to give it another shot. This was about 2 weeks ago. It's been months since the break-up and every now and then we do some small talk...What should I do and why did she tell me the things she did? I want her back, but I don't know the best way to do it, what to say or not say anything at all and for how long? And does anyone think there is still a chance of us getting back together? Can someone please answer all these questions...this is really bothering me and I can't get over it unless I know I've done and am doing everything I can to get her back instead of making it worse. Thank You!


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  • My ex said something similar to me when he broke up with me. And you know what I did?

    I turned down friendship. Because it's almost impossible (for me any way) to move on whilst your still friends with this girl. You're gonna have to see her date another guy, imagine how much that'll hurt?

    From my point of view, I would lay down everything... tell her exactly how you feel, one last time. Say you hope you two can work things out, IF NOT you're gone. DO NOT wait for her, seriously. I wasted months waiting for a guy who wanted me to wait around for him, and also used the "you never know what may happen in the future" it's just their way of keeping you there in case something goes wrong. It's selfish.

    All you can do from here onwards is tell her how you feel, and if she isn't willing to make any sort of commitment with you... then leave. and STAY away! I know this will hurt you, I have recently been in a similar situation, but I feel so much better now I've walked away from it and I'm not constantly thinking about it. You deserve better than someone who is willing to keep you on the back burner.

    • that makes sense. And I know, but damn. Took me forever to find the perfect girl for me, and now this. I am not taking it well. I am not a bad guy and I don't have many problems, but...I can't seem to find girls I am interested in even close to her...and I am not picky either. Girls ..like all girls...just don't seem interested in me. So...it's so hard to deal with this, and thinking I might have to settle for someone I don't even like 1/10th as much as her, cause I can't find anyone else.

    • I think everyone feels like this when they break up with someone special. I know I felt the same when I broke up with my ex, and I still kinda do.. but it fades in time. Never settle for someone who you don't even like, the person who is right for you will turn up eventually.

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  • Honestly I was your ex and I left a really nice guy to give him a second chance. I would say move on and try to find someone new. Chances are she will break up with him again, but she will need time to heel after. Jumping one relationship to another general always leads into disaster. Don't contact her, and give her space, that will make her think about you. If she cared about you at all. The guy I left my ex for pretty much hates me now said we would be friends too. I realized all I was doing is hurting him. Now he just tries to make me jealous saying he has a new girl ect. Don't do that it only assures me he is insecure major turn off. Yes you have done everything in your power. Just give it time more than likely she will contact you if she truly did love you.


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  • She told you she loves you and the ex moved in with her? Iunno man, that sounds like a load of contradictory bs to me. The fact that it's been several months is another thing--to which I'm assuming the then-ex (now BF) is still living with her).

    Do yourself a favor and move on. She sort of gave you false hope (no blame on you here). You'll feel much better as time goes on.

    • I know, thanks for the input on that...I don't mind other advice either but can you really try to answer the questions that I asked? Thanks!

    • I did sort of answer it. I don't believe there's a chance of you getting back with her now that her current boytoy is living with her. Maybe in a year or after they break up you can make a casual move-in and approach her in a friendly manner.

      That's secondhand advice; my best and most sincere was my first post. Good luck.

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