How to move on after a sudden break up?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me after over two years of dating. We had a big (ish) fight and he said he lost feelings for me, and now feels nothing. So he broke up with me on video call (it's a semi LDR). Then proceeded to block me on everything except email. I've sent him some emails, and called him twice since but nothing has changed, and he's been even colder than I knew was possible from him. However, for some reason, I can't stop feeling like we could still work. I know it's stupid and I know he's not coming back, but I just miss him so much, and this was my first relationship. I've never dealt with heart break or anything. It hurts so much, and he's one of the only good things in my life ( or should I say he was) and now that's gone.

How do I get my heart to stop pining over him? How do I move on?
How to move on after a sudden break up?
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