Guys and girls, why would my ex still text me if he has a new girlfriend?

my ex still text me sometimes and I am not sure why. We broke up because he cheated and lied to me. He tried to get back with me, but too much trust had been broken. So then he got another girlfriend. And from what she tells people they are in love. He still text me and its at the most random times. Can anybody help me understand why?


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  • Sometimes people just need to talk to someone that they can be open with, since you have already been close in the past it is easier to open to you than to a random girl and guys don't really talk to each other about personal stuff. While I am not ignoring the fact that he could be trying to get with you I am pointiing out the possibilaty that he might just need someone to talk to other than his girlfriend who might not understand him that well yet. I have been with my girlfriend for two years and sometimes I still talk to a certain ex I had the most horrible relationship with but because we had gone through so much together it was easy to just be ourselves while talking to each other.

    • I get what you are saying. That is just it, when he text me he doesn't say a lot, and then he just quits replying. Then a couple of days later he will text again

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  • When you have a history it's hard to just let go. Clearly he cared about you and is now having to face the consequences of his actions - i.e. he lost you. I had a boyfriend who cheated on me and lied to me and 4 months later he's still telling me he misses me and telling me he's never loved anyone as much as me, even though he's the one who broke up with me and he's with someone else. Feelings don't disappear just like that, and I think it's more healthy for both of you to go through whatever you need to go through in order to come out OK on the other side...burying feelings doesn't help.

    • yeah it is so hard to move on, but I am trying. All I hear is that his new girlfriend gets high with him all the time and that he calls her his "f**** buddy. So I guess when he randomly text me it is really confusing. I was really good to him, and he took it for granted. Still doesn't make walking away easy...he was my first love'

    • it's a shame that your first experience of love was with a guy who ended up letting you down. but hold in there! you'll meet a good one! my first boyfriend was lovely, so I know there are nice guys out there. the next one was an a* live and learn. Just don't be put off. Every relationship is very different.

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