Does a guy like me if he touches the small of my back in front of other boys?

I've known this guy for a while, and I never can tell if he is trying to flirt with me or not. We went to this place with our other friends and there were a bunch of other guys. We were walking side by side and he put his hand on my back while we were walking up the stairs, does this mean he likes me?


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  • ummmm yes! touching different places means different things. for example, if he put his hand on your shoulder, its a sign of trust and faith in you. if someone kisses you on the forehead its a re-assuring sign of gaurdian like endearment, as a parent might do to a child. touching the small of your back isn't sexual like touching your hip, overtly intrusive, like touching your butt, but its means he wants to re-assure you, let you know he wants to suport you and protect you. so yes, it means he likes you, alot! and doing this in front of other guys is a power play, it means he isn't ashamed that he likes you, and chances are, this guy won't back down if you are threatened, he'll defend you

    (sry my answer is so long)

    • ur answer is long, but its purrfect :)

    • purrfect? I think somebody likes him back :)

      good luck! wish you the best,

      (and thanks for the uppie arrow too)

What Girls Said 1

  • He could, or he could just be flirting & trying to impress the other guys...


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