Is a relationship possible?

I met the best friend of a co-worker months ago and recently played on a kickball team with him. Before I even knew him I had heard about him and knew that he wasn't looking for a relationship. We talked during the games and hung out as a group before and after. We've texted a few times, but never talked on the phone or hung out one on one more than driving to the game together. He flirts with me a lot. Last weekend we were at a party together and he was very flirty, we both drank a lot (him more than me), and ended up sleeping together...twice. We didn't really talk the next morning. He told my co-worker about it, but he didn't really give me any details just that he told him that he had sex with me twice. I don't really know what to think. I would kind of like it to turn into more...even though I'd be find if it didn't. That was the first time I've slept with someone that I wasn't dating. Think there's a chance for dating or a relationship?


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  • did ya ever date?


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