Should I let him go? Or try again?

I've know this guy since February this year we've been talking since and we care for each other but we disagree in so many things, he likes to drink and party a lot and I'm more of a staying in girl, also I told him I wasn't ready to have sex with him and he was okay with it, long story short we "broke up" around 6 weeks ago and we talk every once in a while because we care and love each other (I think), Las night he texted saying he has thinking of me and when I told him why he told me he was talking with his friends about future wifes and that he wanted me to be his wife ( he was drunk) he also confessed he had sex with another girl but he doesn't want to say when or with whom.
Don't know what to do or what to think about him?
Should I let him go? Or try again?
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