My boyfriend and I have been dating for 11 months but we broke up and now he's getting to know someone else?

So about 2 months after our breakup, I found out from his friend that my ex is getting to know HIS ex who he just got out of a relationship with after we did. He told me when we started dating that he used to like her but his friend was dating her but he would never date her if they broke up. Now, their talking again since he didn't talk to any of his "girl" friends when we dated, it was his choice. So, he's a hypocrite and I'm just overall shocked.. They've been friends for a long time and their families know each other. It just sucks because she's going to be easily accepted and all that. Before I found out he told me that he still cared and I can come to him for anything but now I can't do that if I wanted to. I was also getting to know a guy but it didn't lead to anything but he had heard of it and brought it up to my friend. In the end he told them he didn't care (in front of his supposedly new girlfriend) but why bring it up when you don't care? Now I hear him saying he doesn't miss me and all that. Why is he becoming such an asshole. His new girl thinks I still like him and thinks I'm jealous because I expressed my feelings about what he just did to his own friend but whatever.


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  • I ACTUALLY found a story like mine! I’m not alone, and neither are you :). Same thing happened to me, but mine was long distanced (vegas-reno), 1yr and 2 month relationship. On our last phone call he said “I like her, this is what I want. It’s your fault I let someone in. She likes me for who I am and everything about me. I’m not gonna sit here and listen to you cry and feel sorry for yourself”….

    They most likely started dating a few weeks after dumping me (plus, she looked like me when I first saw her pix). They seem to really like each other- split for a few weeks, got back and I believe, currently dating for 4 months. They live in a small town- imagine the closeness, so I’m sure their families know each other, and prefer her over me.

    About a month after the break up, I texted him to at least settle and befriend. But his girlfriend replied basically saying to leave it alone (didn’t think it was any of her business, since I wasn’t trying to get back). Convo ended with him saying “I don’t want your friendship, or anything from you. Grow the f*ck up”. Despite all that, 5 months since then, I’m unfortunately STILL in love with the asshole lol…one of those first love things. I’ve been hoping for at least some sort of friendship, but looks like it won’t happen :P

    In summary, I’m in the same boat as you- lost, confused, sad… and I’m still heart broken as hell. Just thought I’d let you know, someone identifies with you :)


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  • Well what's the other girl got that you don't have?


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