Do I really have to move on again??

So there was a chick from work I used to really like, I asked her out a few times, got turned down, told her how I felt, was probably more than desperate sounding and I got blocked, then her brother blocked me without a word, but there cousin who I only knew there facebook kept talking to me on and off, her boyfriend dumped her a few weeks ago, and I was helping her through it, and she told me some personal stuff, and I was really starting to like her a lot, she knew what happened and said she didn't mind, but asked me not to tell her cousins because they would make a start drama in the family, well one of them caught us talking on xbox, she said it wasn't a big deal though because she knew how to handle him, then on Thanksgiving break, they all met up, and the day after TG she blocked me on facebook and xbox without a word, I tried texting her, and asking her why, no response, then I tried saying I can't believe you'd do that I thought you'd at least listen to my side of the story, and nothing... now I feel like crap, for all I know I'm blocked on the cell phone too, I could try this MMO we played together once, but I don't want to seem like a huge creep, its just I really liked her and I really don't want to move on, I just can't focus on anything right now and it sucks...


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  • She's using you as a shoulder to lean on because she knows you'll be there. Basically, you're there for her to dump her emotional sh*t onto. And then she removes herself from you when she's doing alright. It's in your best interest to move on and not initiate anymore contact, and if she contacts you let her know that you're not there for her to come crying to whenever someone wrong goes on in her life. Sounds harsh, but that's what it sounds like. She's using you, and you don't deserve to be used.


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  • you don't have to move on you could waste yor time trying to get her attention. :) of course you have to move on. the way I see it you're like her handkerchief. when she needs you to wipe up the tears you're there and when you do that she just toss you in a corner until she needs you again. no one deserves this kind of treatment. not even you. by the way do you really want someone like that.

  • well she doesn't seem to like you much, try meeting new girls and hanging out with the guys.


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