I'm under the impression all women cheat at some point.

I mean at some point more earlier then later she looses it somehow. Well all women I meet well they have a man and want to go home with what I am... All your women at some point cheat!

It's strange if you ask the same question about men you will see all women agree. The question is full of positive responses. But as a male if I ask the question well look at my responses. The truth is guys are cheating with someone that is female. Duh..


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  • I don't agree with you.

    Some cultures place less worth on trust & loyalty and it might be that you've found yourself in a place that does not value the ideal of staying faithful.

    That, in no way, means that ALL women are unfaithful.

    The same could be said for men.

    I've been in a place where I wouldn't trust a man as far as I could throw him (when it comes to staying faithful, of course)...Once I have moved out of my immediate surroundings, I've noticed that it is a way of thinking conditioned by my immediate society. Call it a paradigm, or what you wish!

    Not all people are the same, values the same, believes the same. Once you accept people for being different but are able to identify where you position yourself, will you find happiness.

    Our quest in life is to find people we can identify with, "friends", "the one", that has the same values & ideals as we do & honors it, as we do.

    Common values & ideals are what binds us together & make for deep lasting relationships.

    There are a lot of girls out there (me included) that place a lot of value on trust & loyalty.

    Wait & keep your eyes open, the right lady with the same values as you are bound to cross your path when you least expect it!

    • It took me up until I was in my late thirties to realize that common values are what bond people together.

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  • You're an idiot

    • I'm only a idiot because I'm male. But when I'm offered. Well as a male when his girl cheats he somehow is a a Idiot? No it's you who are a weird and nasty. So when is the last time you cheated? You are a shadow in all these questions on this site! Other girls who says I'm not a idiot talk to me on this site. Maybe when you and whatever goes on down their, who gave you that thumbs up to rating get a clue how worthless your responses are, you will wish no one never knew what you really are. YUK

    • Well, at least others agree with me. The best thing to do in your situation is to find a worthwhile partner. And I would never cheat, I despise cheaters. Doesn't matter if you're a friend or family. Once you've cheated, you've stooped to a low low loooowwww level. I called you an idiot because you're thinking that all women cheat, which isn't in the least fair since I've known more men to cheat on their partners;)

    • Wow it the opposite for me. I've met more women who have cheated. I even got a pocket full of numbers. LOL... Maybe not all but it's really easy for me to get them...

  • i feel the same about guys.

    • It's worse with women. They really always have ego problems all the time. So for a man it's easy to approach a girl. Cheating is more of a choice for a man. Most men don't need to have their egos pumped up.

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    • And also innocent girls are all over the place sadly ego rules and yes Manson knew this and messed up some clueless people. Hitler overtook a nation. It's real history. History dosn't become unreal because you being female say I'm nuts. Get over yourself. Life is what it is. And those type of women are what they are! Are you one of them? If so I'm nuts to you.

    • hitler swayed the minds of many men...your statements work for people in general but they don't single out women. Guys are just as big of suckers

  • did you have someone cheat on you before? Maybe that's why you feel like that but it's not right to feel like that.

    Like one guy treats me bad, so I leave him to go find a guy that doesn't.

    Therefore if one girl treats you bad, so you needed to leave her to find oen that doesn't.

    • Hmmm... That is better then, I'm a Idiot! But the truth is girls who are in love with a special guy are also in love with many. So, respect for respects doesn't apply. I as a male and many who are male get the truth that really is truth. It's also wrong to say every female is not trashy. The truth is I have a pocket full of numbers of girls who are taken. So go ahead and say what truth is to you. Truth to me is different.

    • i'm sorry the last girl before you had me upset. You are correct. Leave her for anther. For some reason I can only connect with cute girls. I never wanted a hot cute girl. I thought ugly girls where what was real and innocent. Well I will never respect them again. it's about one that dosn't disrespect me... I get it... I just hope one day one wants to have my baby...

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  • Thats like saying all men cheat.

    think of it this way: Do all people have collect stamps? no, just the weirdos, some people do things that others don't.


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