My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me and I desperately want to get back with her, Help ME!!!!!

My girlfriend and I started dating our junior year of high school, everything was normal we had our occasional fight and got past them. Then jump forward 3 years and were both going down to Florida to work at an internship. I lived with her in her apartment and we got along great and I wanted to continue living with her after we were done with the internship. We couldn't and it was hard to go back living separately again. Then she told me that we were breaking up and that she need time to think. I figured it was just time that we needed to be single to think things over before we make choices for each other...until

Then about a week ago she starts dating a guy. I know she doesn't love him, that he's just a patch to cover the hole in her heart left by me. We dated for 3 years and I know that she wouldn't tell me that we needed time if it was shorter then that or if she didn't love me. I've stopped calling and texting constantly and asked her if she could just set up up a day each week in which we can just talk. I'm not going to see new people because I won't contact like I did with her so I'm just going to stay single til all of this rolls over.



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  • When you had "fights" were they the both of you yelling at each other or were they her mad at you the majority of the time?

    Were you overly clingy and/or needy? (try to answer honestly)

    Did YOU talk a lot about the future (marriage/kids/etc) with her? (meaning you did most of the talking about the subject and she listened)

  • I know what you're going through..that's a tough situation. Just take a step back and try to clear your head for a bit..


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