Guys/Men out there. Does this mean anything?

My ex boyfriend of three years left me over a year ago. We got in contact after six months of not seeing each other and barely speaking to one another. We tried for about a month to see how things were between us, it ended up just being a FWB situation and I decided enough was enough. I told him this wasn’t good enough for me and told him, I was done. He didn’t seem fazed by it (he probably knew I wanted to get back together with him and rode out the FWB situation as long as he could). I offered to stay friends with him afterward but found it to be very difficult. As “friends” he told me things about our relationship, he didn’t tell me when I was his girlfriend! How his ex before me admitted to still being in love with him (I knew it!). I was not impressed at all with him being honest about us until after the break up (who does that) and just stop talking to him. I didn’t even explain to him that I didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. I won’t lie, it hurt (sometimes still does).

A couple months pasted and his family lost his aunt to cancer. I knew she was sick while we were dating and he mentioned that she wasn’t doing well after the FWB stage but didn’t want to see me or talk to me, so I left him alone. I sent him a text saying I was sorry for his loss and before I could offer to be there for him as a friend, he became more concerned about how I knew about the situation, than appreciating that I reached out to him after two months of avoiding him. Now, I totally understand that he was going through a difficult time but it’s not like he told me about it. His birthday was less than a week after losing his aunt and I didn’t send him any type of birthday wish (he didn’t really sound like he wanted to hear from me).

Recently, it was my birthday and now I get an email saying, “Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best”. I just want to know if after all that has happened between us, if he still thinks of me. Did he say happy birthday to be the bigger person, because it was polite, or did he do it because he really was thinking of me?

Guys, what do you think?


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  • walk away hun...he's a spa! he should've been grateful for your concern, grateful for the fact that you were prepared to give him a second chance...not arsing around like he had any call in what was right and wrong in the relationship...

    you were the one doing him a favour...he's not prepared to let you go but he doesn't care enough to give you what you want.


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  • Once you go your separate ways, it is over...forever. FWB is fun, as long as both parties are aware that is all it is.

    If you start seeing somebody else, you should definitely cease all contact with the ex. If he's seeing somebody else and STILL talking/sleeping with you, then why on earth would you want to be with somebody who has no class and integrity?

    I never understood why people still talk to exes. Unless you had a kid with him, why put yourself through this? Grow a pair and move on. You can do better.

    • Grow a pair huh. I haven't seen him for over six months. I don't talk to him, I'm asking why he felt the need to say happy birthday when I don't acknowledge him or when I haven't spoken to him in over 4 months. Wow, you sound bitter.

  • just would like to comment on this, he is just returning the courtesy on your end..but if he did value you he should be the one to return to you =)


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  • I think that was a generic happy birthday thing...

    One thing I know about friends with benefits situations is they guy will always try to get into your pants... looks like it's working... hmmm...

    • hmmm haven't seen him in over six months...

  • I think he was trying to be nice and maybe even open communication again. I mean, why go out of your way to wish someone a happy birthday or even have it be on your mind enough to do it if you didn't care?


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