Move on? Or try one last thing?

My ex and I could have had a serious relationship but unfortunatly at the time we didn't live in the same city and things did not work out. I am the distant type, I never show feelings. He is the type of guy who never gets serious with girls. I am the only girl he dated in 9 months.

I came back 3 months ago (we now go to the same college) only to find out he started dating another girl 2 weeks after I had left the second time.

I know he still likes me, or that he at least is still attracted to me. All of my friends noticed it as well. We don't really ever have the occasion to talk, or I blew out all the occasions I got because I was too drunk.

We are going to be separated again in a short while and I am not sure what I should do.

Should I sent him a text and ask that we see each other one last time (and maybe start something serious from there) or forget about it?

I am afraid I might regret it if I do nothing...

Move on? Or try one last thing?
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