How do I brake things off with my friends with benefits?

So I found this guy out of no were just after a brake up with my boyfriend. All I did was say "wow he's cute" as I walked by him before I knew it a couple days later I was face down in a pillow with my legs spared and arse up whilst he gave it to me.

Honestly the sex is not that good, it's okay and he's very demanding and not very loving. He likes to choke me and be called daddy and sorry I'm just not into that but I portend to be for his sake. He's more around my own age and he sleeps around with other girls and my ex is his complete opposite, he slightly older and is very loving, passionate and romantic in the bedroom and out.

Me and my boyfriend broke up because of him always being busy with work but now we've started talking again after 4 months and we both want to make it work again, I told him about the other guy and he seemed at bit jealous but understood and I said I needed to brake things off with him before me and my ex got serious again.

So I went down to his flat and texted him "we need to talk" before I came to see him. We don't really do much talking so as soon as I got through the door he started ripping my clothes and kissing me, id said "no we need to talk". As soon as I tried to brake things off with him, he wouldn't listen and he's really good at twisting things to how he wants it and he said "I know I like you A lot as well and I think it's time we started taking things seriously to".

I was just speechless I didn't want to hurt the guy's feelings so I just said "I need time to think about it" and tried to get out and leave before he grabbed my hand and kissed me and said "I love you". I just thought "shit run, run" to myself as I just said "yeah okay" and got in my car and drove home.
How do I brake things off with my friends with benefits?
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