Will he ever come back?

I dated this guy about a year ago for 5 weeks and he was a total gentleman, did not have sex and respected me. Well he left me for his ex and my heart was broken but after he did that he sent me some flowers a week later then sent me a purple wallet in my favorite color a week after and then a month later he sent me some chocolate strawberries for Valentines day. I thought all this meant he was comin back but he never did. Why would any guy do this if its not to come back? Does this mean something else?


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  • He may be coming back. Not to sound mean but I know I wouldn't be spending money on my EX girlfriend.. I don't know he may be a nice friend who likes to gives.. If I was you I would move on but keep a eye on him and the GIFTs lol

    • Well I told him nicely -via text after the third gift on Valentines day- to please stop sending me gifts because it was confussing me and that I appreciated all that and he never responded but he did stop like I asked but who knows that probably was the last time anyways. I just couldn't take it no more because the more he did that the more I wanted him back but he just wasn't comin back, wouldn't even call and I think a few3 months later I texted how I missed him and wish he was back and no response. :(

    • Wow I guess it is time to move on I should be saying the same thing to myself.. I having some problems of my own could you read my ? and give me some insight on somethings

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