Is it possible to win back your ex? If so how?

I would like tips on how to win back your ex when y'all have broken up. We still have feelings for one another, so what can I do to show her things will be better this time around?


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  • look up how to win back your ex.girlfriend . on youtube.

    there is the 40 days no contact with her .make her miss you .don't call her, don't text her .don't talk to her . go on with your life . don't ask for a second chance. go on with your life . it will drive her crazy to know you can live without her.and she will be the one to come back.

  • Are you joking 40 days no contact?

    over a month...

    That will just give her time to get over you, and to be glad it's over.

    plus if after that 40 days you talk to her again and she starts having feelings for you again and it

    DOESN'T go anywhere you just screweded her over hardcore...

    you have your age as 18-24, how about you act like one? start talking and stop playing.

    If you want her back, think about why you broke up, honestly ask yourself if the reason was valid and if it wasn't show her that, TALK about it.

    if not it's time to move on


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