Why is my ex breaking into my email?

I had an alert on my email account that someone in another state (the state my ex boyfriend lives in) had accessed my computer while I was randomly in another state on vacation. I was really lucky to find this out because I guess its been going on for a while (we broke up almost two years ago). I tried to track the IP address online and it gave me an area that was two towns over from his parents house. There are very few people that would have my password saved on their computers because I usually check my email on my phone, and have asked everyone and they all say they have not logged on. So, I am pretty sure that it was him. I immediately changed my password BUT its been almost two years since we broke up and I had no idea... WHY WOULD HE WANT TO DO THIS SO LONG AFTER?


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  • Maybe your ex wants to see who you are talking to and what you been up to. Maybe he thought he wouldn't get caught. And maybe he wanted to get revenge.Was it a bad break up?

    • Haha yes it was bad but he broke it off with me!

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    • No I wasn't. but I am actually curious if he is. Is it totally awkward just to ask? Is there a good way to do it (aka not breaking into someones email)?

    • Their is a way you might be able to check without asking. You can snoop on his MySpace or facebook page is he didn't set it to private. If he has a facebok page you can click on his picture and check out some of his other pictures to see if he is kissig a girl or something like that. Do you still have his old number? Maybe you can text him and ask. If he responds back cool if not then it's not a big deal. My ex asked me if I was seeing somebody and I told her the truth which was no.

  • he's being a d***, he should move on.

    • He broke up with me and jumped into a relationship almost immediately. I was pretty sure he had moved on.

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    • we had a really serious relationship even talked marriage. But breaking into my email is so invasive its the worst feeling to think he (or someone) was going through all of that. why not just email or IM?

    • i don't know, I wouldn't do that to an ex, or anyone for that matter.

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