What does he want? Guys please let me know..

My ex and I broke up, and we still talk just about everyday. I distance myself away from him as I feel I have said all needed to find my peace. Although he asks that we be strong and each try to move on, when I am feeling good, is when he seems to find the moment to reach out to me again. We agreed to meet up in a while to see how things go, and say we will not talk until then so that we are both sure of what we want. Yet, he goes ahead and starts talking to me about daily life. Tells me to just "let it be," even sent me the song over an instant message. When the conversation starts to get a little feeling heavy, as I become annoyed that we talk more to one another than we did towards the end of our relationship and let him know this. He gets upset and starts to be rude. I do not understand what he wants. He says he still cares about me deeply, but very much desires these feelings to go away, at the same time telling me he is unable to discard the idea that someday things could be different, and we should find out when we meet up with one another. What does he want from me? Why is he doing this? and what should I do? I kinda want to see if we could fix things the second time around as I still really care about him, but I am not sure he is up for the mature communication that would be necessary in order for us to make it work.

I start to get annoyed that he only wants to talk about the fun stuff, and I start to feel like he will never want to deal with the difficult part of our relationship. I try to let him know that I am unsure what he wants.
That I am unsure what will be accomplished when we meet up, in a way trying to see if we should cancel, but he doesn't go along with canceling and just tells me to see how things play out at the same time telling me he really is not ready to meet up soon.
Is he really interested in making things work, or is the idea of seeing me in the future just helping him get over me, the way he says he wants to, or get over some of the difficult moments we had, so that when we see each other, it won't be to fight?


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  • he still wants to try to work things out, which is understandable if yu broke up with him, guys take break ups harder than girls do, he could also be unable to see yu as a friend if yu really want to work it out with him have a long talk abt what needs to change, yu won't kno until yu try


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