How long would you wait to see your boyfriend/girlfriend before breaking up?

If recently you haven't seen your boyfriend of girlfriend at all, how long would be too long without seeing them before you considered breaking up with them? As in they are just "too busy" lately to see you.

Just to clarify:

-You live within 15 min of each other

-You both have cars

-The only reason given is because of work/school

-You communicate roughly every day via text/phonecall/email


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  • she's probably exploring her options while keeping you close enough but not too close to the point where she can't date others.


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  • Even if they are super busy with schoolwork, it would be nice to at least be in the same house/apartment. It would depend on how long you have been in the relationship... New relationship 1 week, mature probably 2-3 with big fights starting at 1 week.

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