Is there anyway to help make a break-up easier?

So basically me and this girl have been seeing each other since august and at first things were great but here lately there has been a change for one we used to talk on the phone every night now not only do we not talk on the phone but she supposedly has been "falling asleep" early every night about 8 every she stops talking (she doesn't say goodnight or anything just stops talking) and then she will send me a message the next morning telling me she is so sorry she fell asleep and this has been going on the bout the past 2 weeks well on top of that we used to spend every weekend together because we live an hour and 45 min apart well all of the sudden that stopped too I haven't stayed with her and she hasn't stayed with me in almost 2 months now she doesn't tell me she misses me anymore I couldn't even tell you if she would still kiss me or hug me because I haven't seen her in so long but she claims that she has been so busy lately because of her job since its the holidays so I have a two part question first if I really care for her should I trust her and give her time and see if she really does still want to be with me because she swears that its just been hard lately because of the holidays and second I need some tips on ways to break up with her and not feel so bad because I know ill miss her a lot I mean overall nothing is wrong we don't fight we don't have any real problems other than the fact that I haven't seen her in so long but I just feel like there is something else wrong it seems to me like she is seeing someone else besides me because she stops talking everynight and then suddenly she doesn't want me coming and staying with her


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  • She's probably lost interest and is in the same dilemma you are. She just doesn't know how to break it off easy. Tell her you think you guys shouldn't see each other anymore, because it's not like you're acting like an actual couple anymore. Maybe the feeling is mutual and it won't be that bad.

    • Well I mean that's the issue I really care for her still and I don't want to break up I wish more than anything that things would work but it just don't feel like she's into to it anymore and I don't want to be the retard that keeps hanging on and hanging on because I'm too blind to see that she's done

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  • One of you has to make a decision here. Speak to her and tell her what you've told us. Ask her if she honestly still wants a relationship. It's a perfectly reasonable question. Tell her you still care for her and would like to see her more regularly because right now you don't feel like a couple.

    An hour and a half is not that far and not enough of an excuse to never see each other. I had exactly the same thing with my ex. She seemed to be losing interest so I called her up on it. I had the same 'I'm so busy' excuse which most of the time is the cowardly way of telling you their not interested.

    You need to know either way as it's better not to be strung along only to break up months down the line. If she keeps saying she is so busy then break up. She'll either agree and you won't hear from her (in which case you'll know def that she is not interested) or she will come crying back to your arms. Deal with it now not later and I hope you get what you want!

    • Thanks man I hope I do too and thanks for the advice also it makes sense really if she wants to be with me she will fight to get me back when I tell her we should break up if not then I know how she really feels

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