Will my ex ever contact me again?

Me and my ex were together for almost 3 years, she was my first serious relationship. And the days approaching the break up, she seemed fine and her usual self, although she was complaining of not feeling good because she has multiple illnesses. This was common for her, so I thought nothing of it.

When she broke up with me, she said it was because she's not happy anymore and she revealed that she kissed a male friend of ours whilst I was away for a weekend.. she constantly throughout the whole relationship made a huge point for us to never ever cheat on each other. I was stunned.

Anyway now she's apparently got a new boyfriend, only a few days after the break up, and he's actually another male friend of ours..! Well not of mine I can tell you 😂😂

So she's either actually moved on and likes this new guy or did before, or she's using him for whatever reason and trying to lie to herself about the pain or mistake she did. She also kept following me and my mates in a club whilst I was chatting with other girls, and she's very clearly going of the rails with drinking and her standards..

What do you guys and girls think, will she try to talk to me again? I don't want her too, I have finally sorted my life out and got a better job, gym, friends etc
Will my ex ever contact me again?
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