Could he have been talking about me?

so one of my guy friends that I have a crush on today came over to me before I left school (like he always does) and we started joking around (like we always do) and we both flirt with each other (more so him with me, because I'm not the best at it) everyday and of course we were flirting before I left today, so anyway, I asked him if he liked this girl in one of our classes and he said no and that he has no feelings for her what-so-ever and that she was his friends. and then he started messing with things in my locker and said that he has a "lady friend" and then I said "why would you tell me that if your not gonna tell me who it is" and he just laughed and shrugged while saying "i don't know" with this big goofy smile on his face, and (the whole time we were on this subject he did NOT look me in the eyes like once) then he started messing with my hair while I was packing up and said "it's funny actually..." because then someone interrupted and he just left the conversation, and so I said "wait tell me who it is!" and then he said "NOOOO!" so is there a possibility that he could have been talking about me. we're pretty good friends by the way, have been since like the beginning of the school year.


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  • It sounds like it from your description.

    And isn't it funny how bad timing can leave you so confused? Bad timing is my nemesis by the way, just thought I'd throw that out there.

  • Totaly likes you :) , get close to him when he plays with your hair ;)


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