Left a Crying Voice Last message to Girlfriend - Will she ever come back or think I am too weak and emotional?

I have been in a beautiful relationship for about 8months with an amazing girl and 4 weeks back she said 'I Love U' as well just before we both were travelling to different countries. I had to be away 3 weeks with family probs and I couldn't be in touch with her for nearly 2 weeks which was my biggest mistake as I see now. When I finally contacted she started being indifferent. I tried to talk more and was eagerly back to meet and talk to her. But she didn't want to meet, didn't lift phone and sent a message to better be friends as I haven't been certain about our relationship, didn't respond to her I Love You for 3 weeks and didn't commit to spend time with her this Summer. I was not very communicative but deep inside I was planning a lot of things with her even to the extend of proposing her. Seeing that message I was shell shocked and tried to explain her by texts but she started misinterpreting my old words. I explained a lot but she asked for time and space. I waited a week and sent long messages that its all my mistake and I shall fix it. I asked her to meet at some place but she didn't come. I left several messages trying to apologize and calling her sweet names I used to call. But she left a final message that there is no point in discussing any further and she made a decision now asking me to respect it and will let me know when and where to meet to exchange our stuff. I still have her spare room keys (not sure if she changed locks). Looking at that message I was devastated and started crying like a baby as I couldn't imagine all my dreams evaporating like that without even meeting or talking once. I tried to call her but she didn't lift and I left a voice message crying and saying I am sorry several times and saying many emotional things. Its been nearly 3 weeks now. I really love her and dreamed a life time with her but just didn't communicate through words assuming that she understood it. I am completely lost. Please advise to get her back.
Left a Crying Voice Last message to Girlfriend - Will she ever come back or think I am too weak and emotional?
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