How do you truly move on? Does it really ever get better?

Honestly, how do you truly move on when you loved someone so much, but their drugs and partying were there priority. I know moving on is all I can do, but damn it is so hard. I cared about him so much, but his lifestyle of partying came first and caused him to make bad choices. After I quietly walked away, he panicked, but then he just got worse.


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  • If he was your first love, you never do forget.

    There is no exact remedy on moving on. It takes time and patience. If breaking up was easy, well then, we wouldn't be here, would we? Keep yourself busy. Join clubs and organizations. Do community service. Donate to charity. Start a hobby. That will distract you, in which is the most helpful. It will be painful, trust me, and it will take sometime, but you will get over this. You are under 18, and trust me, even if there was an oil spill in the Gulf, there are still plenty of fishies out there. Don't try to forget. That makes things worse, but don't think about it ethier.

    I would also suggest to talk to a school administrator or counselor about him. He may not appreciate it now, but one day he will.

    Life goes on hun, whether we like it or not.


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  • The only thing that will heal you is TIME. It is the only medicine, but you will never forget. From experience over the last few months I say ride out the roller coaster of emotions your going to go through and don't try and fight it. If you want to cry then cry, if you want to be angry then get angry. Distraction is also a very good thing, not meaning going out and getting wasted but spending time with friends, going to work and keeping busy.


    • thank you:) honestly I agree with you that time is the one thing that has helped! it is really getting better. I still hear from him, but now I have quit replying. It is just not worth going back to that kind of pain.

  • You may have cared about him, angel, but if he put drugs and partying before you, he wasn't worth your love and affection. It is hard loving someone who may never love you back as much as you love them, but there is a plan for everyone. Sometimes, it is better to leave the pieces broken then hurting yourself trying to put them back together. Disappointment comes with the genitals, and females are going to get it more often thatn others. It never gets better, but you are going to find the man that can take away all your pain with one kiss, who will make you his first priority, and who will make you his world. You just need to be ready and open for him. I'm in the same boat as you, to a T. If you wanna talk girl, you know where I am. Stay strong, because hey, you're a girl, and we are all strong.

    • Yeah, he was great at saying all the right words, just his actions didn't match. I mean he tried for a while but went back to the ways that were comfortable for him. He is now with someon who will party with him all day and night long. And yes, honestly that hurts. He has tried since being with her to get back with me. I will not be the other girl or the second. I have done that before with him and I want do it again! I would love to talk more..thank you for your help

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