Broke up and was gonna hurt myself?

I was dating this one guy for about 3-4 months he broke up with me when our relationship went long distance. he was a friend that I knew from my childhood years we were qutie close back then and lose contact for like 5-6 years now when we reunited in our college years and started seeing each other

when he broke up with me I was crying everyday for weeks and on the night we broke up I was crying to the point that I was gonna hurt myself by cutting my wrist but i didn’t ( Im too scared haha) after like 10 months passed I thought I was okay but after his encounter a few days ago I still cry... Why im I like this? It was only 3 months and I don’t think I love him tho cause 3 months is not enough to love someone but I do feel attached to him
But if it wasn’t love... Why did it get this bad
Is there something wrong with me?
Broke up and was gonna hurt myself?
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