Why do they leave?

i don't mean to sound self centered or anything like that but I am a girl who is really down to earth, nice, sweet, pretty, smart, social, and has everything to offer for a relationship. but why do all the guys I meet end up just wanting to leave me after a few months. like I have never had the long relationships people have had for one year or two years... ugh I'm not perfect but I care a lot of who I date and have a big heart. I just don't get it... well obv. I'm dating the wrong kind of guys/ the guy is stupid for leaving someone great his lost


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  • I don't know how to say


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  • Hi there Friend! I am glad you have a positive mind set. I like the way you think . its okay to know guys and if you didn't last longer than what you expected that fine too no worries. things happen for a reason. Its good to care on who you date not a lot of girls think that way anymore.Ur relationships might not be lasting becuase you are not knowing the guys well before dating them. you need to get to know them first before making it official.Always get to know them and see how they truly are and if they are worth your time. Don't worry be really patient and you will find someone who will satisfy your bg heart :) I hope I helped u.


    The Wise One


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