How do I let her know I don’t care?

My ex is so childish
she posts pictures of her and her new boyfriend on social media

She posts pictures of them cuddling.. kissing..
She just posted a picture of her kissing the guys stomach while his pants were down
you couldn’t see anything but his underwear and she Tagged me in the picture

She untagged me after I saw it, she said it was an accident
How do I let her know I don’t care?
When she sent me this I was literally in my backyard with my mom and I was wrestling my dog..

i dont care..
I keep telling her
“good for you”
but she keeps trying to make me jealous when she’s the one who left me & didn’t even tell me why

i haven’t even been looking for a girlfriend
the only thing that’s been on my mind is getting materials to draw, getting my education together & trying to get fit

I’m not bothering anyone but she keeps sending these provocative photos to me
i haven’t unfollowed her or anything because that’d make it seem like she got to me when she didn’t
How do I let her know I don’t care?
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