Why does my cheating ex tell me I made him cheat?

He tells me that. He tells everyone. I don’t think i made him cheat. He was always doing things that I felt insecure/jealous about, because he was giving attention to other women on social media a lot. He also never gave me a lot of attention. He rarely offered any verbal affirmations or gave me physical affection (i. e., hugs, kisses, holding my hand). Only times he did were during sex, or when I’d leave his house after sex and we’d say goodbye. I would tell him my needs. He would give other girls compliments online and follow random girls and like sexy photos.

Also, he updated his tinder about 8 months into dating. he told me it was a mistake and he didn’t cheat. But, I lost all trust in him and he never really was honest about it. He lied when I found out, and lied about a girl i had a feeling he met through there.

Yet, he makes me feel so badly. But he doesn’t see what he was doing to cause me to not trust him and make the relationship toxic.
Why does my cheating ex tell me I made him cheat?
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