Left a cute comment on her formspring. How do I tell her who I am?

OK so there's this girl I find very attractive in my English class. I went to her facebook and noticed she had a formspring so I decided to comment it with some cutesy pick up line. she replied that she really liked it and thought it was cute. I then said "hahaha maybe if I get the guts ill tell you who I am" and she said "hahaha don't be a stranger now".

so obviously she wouldn't mind me telling her who I am. but I've never spoken to her at all. how do I go about approaching her and telling her I did the comment?

I was thinking try talking to her a bit, then bringing up the formspring thing. or just flat out approach her, tell her I did the comment, then try and start talking to her

Btw I did this comment as an "icebreaker" to try and start talking to her by the way


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  • AWESOME, you've come a lot farther than when we originally had talked.

    Look man, why stop something that can be a lot of fun? You are writing on her formspring and she's thinking you are nervous/shy/etc - so why not keep it up, build a little comfort in her, and ask her on a date?

    If you were to go from this one (or only a select "few") comments on her formspring, to asking her out for coffee, she will be wierded out.. Even if it were more subtle where you just wanted to tell her who you were.. It'll kill the attraction you have working to your favor.

    Think about it? Isn't it a bit mysterious, to her, as to who it might be - she can live her fantasy world for a second, and you get to see how a beautiful girl likes you for you, EVEN when you told her your nervous. Not necessarily in a romantic way - but in a way that says: "You are a good, cool, and fun guy" - and lastly, you can have some fun in a rather boring world. What's the best form of fun? Attention from the sex you're interested in while just enjoying their company - no "secret plots" to try and f*** them.. Just smiling and enjoying who the other person is.

    Sooooo - my true thoughts are that you should keep being genuine - if you feel scared, feel scared; if you feel nervous, you're nervous.. if you feel attracted, you feel attracted.. But don't do my mistake of trying to flirt when I really couldn't.

    Other than that, just continue having fun. After a while you can turn the interaction into a game, where she has to figure out who you are, and you get to give her tips.. etc and so forth :P

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Turn off your computer.

    Have a real-life conversation with her.


    Don't let the Internet kill your social skills! If you're interested in her, and want to get to know her better, make some effort!

    • Agreed - women love it WAY more when you can grow a pair and talk to them in person; BUT they also like that when it's appropriate and not just some strange dude walking up who they don't even know.

    • Yes, exactly :)

    • So what would you two recommend for my situation? I only see her in one class, and in there I don't have space to talk to her alone which is what I'd prefer. And then after that class I pass her on my way to my next class, which is only enough time to say something like hi.

      could I say a flirty comment in that few seconds I see her in the hall? or just start out saying hi? I want to show interest and leave an impression in her head and not look like some random dude talking to her

  • Yes you can make a comment between class...but I personally think flirting online is fine as long as you don't use it as a crutch to hide behind. (That means you do need to reveal your identity soon.)

    When you're ready, just say something like...hey I heard you're on FB...then just smile like you have a secret and walk away. If you do this before class, she'll have time after class to initiate contact if she wants to. I suggest doing this on a day with a light workload ...not when you're reviewing for a test. LOL Don't want too get too distracted.

    There's other ways to do this too so just pick one and go for it. Remember part of the fun is in the "chase" and in the unlikely event she isn't interested in dating, there's plenty of other girls out there!

    • ok, it makes sense to reveal my identity about the comment sonn and IN person. but how would I go about doing it? how would I bring it up? when would I bring it up?

      and yeah ill take your first line's advice and compliment her and smile when I see her in the hallway :)

    • I'm pretty sure she'll know it's you or guess it very soon after you mention FB don't you think?

  • well go up to her and say" Did you happen to get the sweet comment the other night?"

    and if she says yes say" oh ya?" well that was me"

  • Definitely talk to her about it! :) You'll never know if she's interested if you don't! Goodluck!

  • Talk to her! Go on. I'm rooting for you :) Good luck

  • just grow some balls &talk to her!

  • i would approach her, and talk to her.

    once you get more comfortable,

    maybe say what you wrote.

    she'll make the connection.


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  • Just go up to her and say this "Hi, I'm _______. There, we aren't strangers anymore" Then go from there. Most likely she'll remember the comment and make the connection.

    • RIGHT ON! It's perfect - simple, straightforward and charming.

  • yeah you should just tell her straight up! show your balls!

    don't really show your balls though show your courage and how much you like her.

    also I suggest making her go through a whole bunch of cute trials to find out that it was you!

    or just tell her to her face.

  • I'd say gradually start conversations with her. If she comments on anonymous stuff like that online, then I guess it's safe to assume that she'd be friendly in person as well. Just keep on talking to her so you can get to know her. But as for you online comment, do NOT mention that it was you. Maybe make hints to it, or use a few words from it but don't be obvious about it. The reason I say this is because you should make her figure it out. Give her the hints, but don't smile when you do as if you are intentionally cluing her in. Lead her mind to it, then stop. If she figures it out, then she'll have attached somewhat of that mystery element to you and you'll gain "points" in her book. It would lose it's novelty if you just come out and say it.


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