What should I do, I want him back :/

This guy and I had a "thing" over about a month we got pretty close, the last two weeks of the month he would like hug me, hold me, hold my hand etc.. we basically acted like a couple ( this was all in school) so we met up on the weekend and went to my house (home alone) and we just fooled around and after that had this horrible feeling that I just couldn't handle a relationship with him so the week after we didn't really talk very much (he is shy, he tried to talk to me but I accidentally gave him the cold shoulder) at the end of that week I talked to him privately and said "I can't do this" to that he said "me either" and I hugged him and when I went to leave he was still holding me like he didn't want to let go and for the rest of the night he was staring at me (this was at a party). The week after he would look at me a lot and this week he is talking to me at school a but more and still looking at me a bit, I really regret ending it with him because I just went to fast. And I want him back :/ I feel really dumb because I think if you end something with someone it should be the final decision. I don't know if this is relevant but the morning after I ended it I knew it was a mistake, and I have thought about it for two weeks and I want him back but I don't know how, please help?


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  • you're outta luck for now...you need to wait for a second chance, but you need to be ready the next time around...what you did, repeating the cold shoulder makes you a less desirable girlfriend to him and that's what he remembers the most...btw, acting like a couple isn't walking away from love when it gets tough...if you want him back, you need to change that mindset

  • Something like this happened to me a few years ago so I know how the guy must feel so if you really want him back you are going to have to wait for him to come around. He is probably really hurt by what you did and when he said "me either" he was probably saying that because he didn't want you to feel bad about breaking it off. So you are going to have to have a heart to heart and tell him that you feel like you made a mistake and that you want to be together, otherwise he will probably move on and put you out of his mind.


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