Breaking up with my gf?

First excuse me if my English is bad
I broke up with my girlfriend about 1 month ago , it was my choice not hers , she loved me and i loved her and still love her , but the relationship was too tiring
She is kind i know , but she was pushing me in everything , i was the one who carrying the relationship , if a problem happens I'm the responsible to say I'm wrong and to fix it and to make up her , i had always told her that no one can hold a relationship alone , but she never listened to me
I'm a student and i work beside the collage
She hated both of them , didn't encourage me anytime on the days I was broken because of any of them , she had always doubt in me that I'll cheat her because study or work
Sometimes all i need just a space to rest , she was that space , but i couldn't find this anymore , i felt she was fighting against me not with me she was fighting with all the problem i had , although somedays i was finishing work and keeping talking and calming her until the next morning then go to collage the work without sleeping just to comfort her , even during may exams because of a problem because of her not me and she was the one who blaming me as usual and i may fail this year because of that.
I handled this for over a year just because not to hurt her , i hate hurting people especially her ,
but.. I just.. It was just too tiring... iwas too tired
I couldn't handle it anymore
I felt I can't feel myself or anything anymore , i broke up with her before my birthday"saddest birthday"at least it was my birthday not hers
I don't know why I'm saying all of this , it's too long i guess no one will even read it lol
I just have a mix of bad feelings and it's so bad , i feel i hate myself because i hurt her , i know she's hurting so do i but I'm sorry i couldn't handle anything anymore , i feel so tired , i feel so lonely at the night..
How can i get over all these bad feelings , i really hate myself for hurting her...
I'm sorry again about my bad English and Prolonging
Breaking up with my gf?
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