Totally confused with what my ex wants.

Best friends with this girl for 2 years, dated for seven months. lost my license for 6 months 1 months into the relationship. She wanted me to move in with her 3 months in, because I wanted to go back to work out in the oilfields for a bit. She became very controlling, jealous, and possessive once I moved in. She was always stuck to me like velcro. I was in a pretty rough state losing my license and I let it happen, I know that. A month ago she just started freaking out on me non stop. Then broke up with me, told me to get the f*** out. So I did. I moved out to a buddies for a bit and started working a new great paying job, bought some new clothes, started working out, and whatnot. Throughout the first week she was back and forth wanting to get back together. I gave her space, and was always polite and courteous when we would talk. I have realized I really love her, and that Id like to give it another shot sometime in the future when I'm back on my feet again. No license is really life changing. But ill have it back shortly. I realized my mistakes throughout the relationship. Anyways a couple days ago after no contact I ran into her at a coffee shop. She invited me over to her house later. We sat down and had a quick chat. We hugged, she held on for a long time, and kept looking at my lips when we let go Then later she called me, saying she thinks I should just move. And that she was a bad person who has made some really stupid choices lately. I told her I was, and that I thought she understood that. Then she jumped into a conversation where she apologized for being such a bitch for the last while. And told me she was happy right now, but not happier without me. And that she missed me, but didn't want to get back together yet. I apologized for letting my life go too sh*t after I lost my license. She told me not too. We talked awhile about what we would do differently if there was a second chance. She brought it up. She said she didn't want too get so jealous all the time. I agreed with that. It was my biggest issue with the relationship. We talked awhile longer, then I told her I had to go. The next day, she picked a fight over text message, over nothing, simply because she was not in a good mood. I didn't fight back, I just told her to cheer up, and have a goodnight. And apologized if she had misunderstood anything I had said if that was the cause. I'm thinking its just best to go back to no contact for awhile until I get my life totally back on track. Any ideas? I really do love this girl, if she meets someone else who she's happier with, I'm all for it. But like I said, we were best friends for 2 years, dated for 7 months, and my life situation just went to sh*t and I didn't fix it. So I know I'm the cause of this. But for some reason I get the vibe there's a very good chance of us working things out once she cools down and I have my life totally back on track like I did before I lost my license. Would no contact for awhile be the best way to go?


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  • During your 2 year friendship did you get a chance to view how she behaves in realtionships? If she never told you about the other guys she was seeing during the "friendship" then you can rest assured that she knew the two of you would hook up eventually. If you told her all the details of your dating life during this "friendship" then that would explain why she is so jealous. It sounds like you really want to be with this girl but you should take the time out to work things out for yourself without being in a relationship. The two of you should continue to do things that couples do like dinner and movies but not much more than that. It will keep the romance and communication going for her while keeping the pressure off you. Try to do things together outside of the home environment.

    • Yes she dated a lot of assholes. I was in an on off 3 year relationship when me and her were friends. I never cheated on my girlfriend, or any of them for that matter. We talked about relationships quite a bit. She would always fall for fake people, and players. Most of her relationships never lasted longer than a couple months. Her longest was eight. She was never very clingy with her other boyfriends at all. She treated me a lot differently than the others I knew of. Her jealousy did cause about

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